Philosophy — Novamobili stands out in the furniture world for its modular systems, setting out to inspire personal concepts of domestic life by designing furniture that rewrites the rule book so that we can build spaces around the objects we want to have near. The cornerstone values of our philosophy are modularity, flexibility, cross-functionality and wide applicability, the clear expression of an artisan tradition that lives on in a technologically advanced company open to future challenges. The company comprises a team of designers and engineers who, in collaboration with leading names in architecture and design, never fail to come up with innovative tailor-made furniture solutions.


Research and development —In the R&D department, new furniture ideas and solutions take shape and are put to the test: this is where technological innovations are combined with experience and tradition, all in the name of quality. From production lines to stock management, Novamobili employs innovative technologies, enabling the company to offer an exceptional level of productivity – capable of meeting any demand – while also providing the option of custom-made systems, with fast turnaround times. Painting and assembly are still carried out by hand by expert craftsmen who are passionate about the work they do and diligently oversee all stages of the production process. It is this kind of constant diligence that ensures high standards of quality in both finishes and service.

Novamobili studio — Novamobili studio is the Novamobili department concerned with product research and design. A place where the focus is on devising new furniture solutions in line with contemporary living requirements. Here, the team brings creative flair and specialized expertise to the table to develop ideas and give designs tangible form. From concept to prototype, through those first rough sketches on the drawing board, Novamobili studio handles each stage of the process all the way through to the final configuration of products to be added to the collection.

Environment and safety — Sustainable growth and the implementation of an environmentally conscious approach to safeguard our precious natural heritage are two of the challenges that Novamobili sets itself every day. This is why we have our own self-imposed rules in place to ensure the use of environmentally compatible materials and are committed to further reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes: an important contribution for the wellbeing and future of us all. Novamobili furniture features international certification: Eco Panel (for its use of 100% recycled wood) and Carb2 (California Air Resources Board).

Battistella Company — Novamobili is part of the Battistella Company, a group established in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo outside Treviso, one of Italy’s leading manufacturers in the furniture industry in the production of furniture and systems. A solid artisan tradition, highly specialized know-how and the development of new technologies – in the spirit of a sustainable culture – are the values that set apart the Battistella Company’s approach, its quality and the creativity of its products.

Over the centuries, all peoples and civilisations have tended to favour either form, interpreted as style and art, or content, interpreted as craftsmanship and productive skills. If we can find a way to combine these apparently different, distant and contrasting approaches, however, we can create something truly extraordinary and unique: beauty.

Strong with a deep know-how and professionalism, L&Q recaptures the 20 years experience of the LINEAQUATTRO range of Kitchen, relaunching it with new and renewed designs. It is an ambitious mission for this company that makes its stylistic evolutions a total living concept and today offers modular kitchens to the national and international market inspired by the most contemporary and essential designs with a refined and exclusive luxury.

Alongside with Europe, which represents the company’s natural core export market, LINEAQUATTRO exports its kitchens all over the world – from the USA to Japan, from Korea to Russia. A long-term experience, a solid network of trade partnerships created in over ten years of contacts, as well as the specialization of highly-selected professionals have enabled LINEAQUATTRO to be present on foreign markets and comply with the specific needs of customers coming from all over the world

Exclusive high-end lighting, designed and made in Italy, since 1975.

Since 1975 Italamp has built its brand awareness and reputation in the decorative lighting market, standing out for products’ quality and particular shapes. The company always aims to elegance and preciousness thanks to selected and finely crafted materials.

Tradition sets the bases for the future, and the future is now, proposing new shapes, up to create a significant background of unique realizations. Italamp stylistic history is characterized by a strong expertise of glass, from the most classical composition of its tradition, with a constant use of crystal, to more recent times, where new types of glass have been introduced. Nowadays, the experience in the field of glass, and the great knowledge of all its productive and application properties, consolidate the company’s will to validate its abilities in contemporary design industry, with the consciousness of employing the most correct method in order to accomplish aesthetic and functional designers’ choices.

Corà has been operating in domestic and international markets since 1919, procuring and transforming wood using both manual and industrial processes. Today it is the largest distributor of wooden products in Italy and has the widest range of wood available on the market.

Four generations of dedicated passion have led to the development of prestigious products that meet all the demands of any building sector, from apartments to large-scale projects and restoration work.

The environment is our resource and that of future generations. This is why attention to the ecosystem and the informed use of the resources is an absolute priority for us.

Since 1963 we have been financing huge reforestation programmes and we implement sustainable management of raw materials in accordance with the stringent FSC Standards (hAp:titiit.fsc.orgti), COC The heirloom we leave for future generations is an intact forest biosystem, because excellent products can only be achieved with an approach of this kind.

Corà, a leading wood distribution company in Italy and bonded with wood for more than 100 years, has developed flooring lines that emphasise the maximum quality of the raw material. The production process of these lines has been completely updated, with the following changes being made. As a result of these new procedures, Corà Legnami can offer its clients a full 10-year guarantee on any production fault in the Evo Garant and Design lines.

  • New and tighter control of the initial wood selection
  • Rigorous checks on the composite board assembly processes, and also on the gluing and varnishing processes
  • Strict tests on board pairing and surface planarity quality

After almost 40 years of study, research and creativity, Rosario Parrinello, entrepreneur careful of ceramics arts and guardian of Mediterranean cultures, created in 2001 the Made a Mano, a company that is distinct and specialized in working or processing of the clay and lava stone. The company was founded in Caltagirone – Sicily – a city with over 4000 years of history for the production of ceramics, it is located approximately 60 km from the Etna volcano, unique and exclusive source of all production of products made of Etna lava stone.

The exclusive collections Made a Mano are the result of a renowned tradition and artistic experience of its founder who has managed to combine the designs, colors of the Mediterranean with the best expressions of Oriental and African civilizations in order to project realizations of absolute minimalism typical of civilization of northern Europe, all to give great prominence to the materials used.

The stone, natural or ceramized is the lava stone, the decorations are made freehand, the colors, applied with a brush, are made with ancient techniques, each tile or artifact that comes out of the Made a Mano labs, is a concentration of research and emotions.

Made a Mano is the result of a cultural mix that finds its expression in the heat of the oldest matter. All production is based mainly on lava stone of Etna volcano, with which fails to achieve a variety of refined products such as tiles, countertops, table tops, sinks, bathtubs, furniture for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Made a Mano in recent years has been distinguished by the continuous and ever more intense collaboration with great designer and leading globally famous for their productions. Always Made a Mano was able to transmit and maintain collaborative relationships both artistic and commercial, in different countries of the world, creating and realizing, more and more products of great artistic taste and respecting the traditions of the host country, to the point to have commercial references in different cities of the world.

cinquanta3 was conceived as a response to contemporary lifestyle trends and demands, prompting us to find functional, flexible solutions capable of organizing and storing, defining and interpreting our everyday spaces. A new furniture system whose ultimate modular design and neutral shades ensure the utmost compositional freedom, while an extensive range of accessories and product versatility allow you to put your personal stamp on interiors.

cinquanta3 is part of the Battistella company, a group established in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo outside Treviso, one of Italy’s leading manufacturers in the furniture industry in the production of furniture and systems. A solid artisan tradition, highly specialized know-how and the development of new technologies – in the spirit of a sustainable culture – are the values that set apart the Battistella company’s approach, its quality and the creativity of its products.

Nidi’s history is tied to that of a longstanding company based in the northern Italian province of Treviso: Battistella, a leading name in furniture since 1953 and the first company in Italy to begin producing laminate children’s bedroom furniture.

A solid tradition, highly specialized know-how and the development of new technologies – in the spirit of a sustainable culture – are the values that set apart the company’s approach, its quality and the creativity of all its products.

The Nidi design project was born in 2013, inheriting Battistella’s focus on design, its artisan-like approach and its manufacturing capabilities.

When we launched Nidi, finding the right name for it was a no-brainer: this word – which means nest in Italian, describing a cosy, protected place for rearing young – pretty much sums up the sense of our project.

We initially focused on young kids and then on teens, on the way spaces influence their life. Beauty, ergonomics, safety and function are the qualities with which we design children’s furniture, to make each space stimulating, inviting, safe and relaxing: the best possible place for playing, sleeping, learning and growing.

Keen observers of the world of children, we know that kids change as they grow. With teenagers and young adults in mind, we’ve created the new Next range just for them, catering to their need to be independent and express themselves.